Dr. Deepa Magge '01: Surgical Oncology Fellow at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

“What I value most in my mentors is their ability to truly take care of their patients, above all else,” said Dr. Deepa Magge ’01. “A good doctor is someone who listens to their patients’ concerns and is able to use information to diagnose, before they begin to help – through treatment, comfort, and reassurance.” 
Dr. Magge finished her general surgery residency with the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center in the summer of 2015, where she learned how to be adaptable to patient needs, and how to earn a patient’s trust.

“Our Attending would ask us how we should treat a patient, and we would offer our thoughts. His response was always, that we were wrong. ‘The correct answer,’ he would say, ‘is: it depends.’ What he meant by that was that we needed to be open to the possibilities of complications, of the institution’s resources, and of our own limitations. He reminded us to practice medicine with humility and to explore all of the options for treatment.”

“As a student, I always enjoyed biology and anatomy. I loved the frog dissection we did in Dr. Kiefer’s class,” said Dr. Magge. “I loved every class she taught. She was a phenomenal teacher and mentor. It was Mr. Kerr, though, who played an instrumental role mentoring me. He made me believe that I could be whatever I wanted.”

Taking those lessons forward, Dr. Magge has begun a fellowship in surgical oncology and will spend the next three years specializing in surgical procedures to treat cancer patients.

“When my grandfather passed away from metastatic gastric cancer, I realized what I was meant to do,” said Dr. Magge. “During my residency, I found that I empathized most deeply with cancer patients and their families. There is so much hope and so much help that one can offer a cancer patient. By specializing in surgical oncology, I am combining my passions for surgery and oncological care,” said Dr. Magge.

“Medicine is a field where you can truly change a person’s life with your skills and actions. More than that, though, you develop relationships that are rooted in trust and understanding. What makes a doctor good at what they do though, is their ability to learn from their mistakes in order to prevent them from happening again.” 
    • Dr. Deepa Magge '01 is a Surgical Oncology Fellow at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

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